OpTic Gaming Release Entire Dota 2 Team

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  OpTic Gaming ventured into the Dota 2 scene 必发88 only last year by signing Peter “ppd” Dager’s team The Dire towards the end of September.

  Despite having ppd, a TI5 Champion and a legendary NA captain, single-handedly picking the players, it took several months before OpTic started to make a mark. Half way through the season they were still to look for their first DPC points. The first big victory came in April 2018 at the StarLadder ImbaTV Minor. A month later they placed second at the ESL One Birmingham Major, but missed the TI8 direct invite by being only 35 points behind the eighth-ranked team, VGJ.Thunder.

  OpTic 必发88官网 had a strong season finish and became one of the frontrunners in the NA region. ppd’s squad placed top 8 in Vancouver, a more than honorable finish for an organization at its first-ever appearance at Valve’s annual Dota event.

  As soon as the team returned home from TI8, rumors of the entire roster splitting ways started to pop on the Internet, and just last night, Quinn “CC&C” Callahan revealed on his stream that the team disbanded.

  Today OpTic confirmed all the rumors in a succinct twitter post

  Almost at the same time with OpTic Gaming’s official announcement, ppd 必发88 announced his new team for the next season revealing even more changes to one of the top European tier team. ?

  Stay tuned for more exciting post-TI8 shuffle news!


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